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November 07
Wear Your Jersey Day in Canada
Jersey Day in Canada –
Show Your Support for School Sport!
La Journée du maillot de sport au Canada – Manifestez votre appui pour le sport scolaire!

"Wear Your Jersey to School / Work"
The NBIAA and School Sport Canada are supporting Thursday, November 15th as a national day to show your love and support for sport by wearing a sport jersey to school, work or play. From municipal council chambers to office buildings and classrooms across the nation, we envision a sea of Canadians wearing their hearts on their sleeves on national Jersey Day.
Show your support for sport and spread the word in your schools!

Portez votre maillot de sport à l’école ou au travail.

L’ASINB et Sport scolaire Canada sont heureux de souligner le jeudi 15 novembre, journée nationale pour démontrer notre amour du sport et notre appui à la cause en portant fièrement le maillot de sport ou l’uniforme de notre équipe ou de notre club pour aller étudier, travailler ou jouer. Partout au pays, de la salle du conseil municipal aux bureaux et aux salles de cours, nous imaginons déjà une foule de gens affichant leur fierté lors de la Journée du maillot de sport.
Manifestez votre appui pour le sport en transmettant le message dans vos écoles!
Allyson Ouellette
Executive Director / Directrice générale
P.O. / C.P. 6000
Fredericton, NB  E3B 5H1
Phone / Téléphone: 457-4843

Please support the NBIAA Sponsors / SVP supporter nos commanditaires de l’ASINB

November 05

Montgomery Street School will hold their Remembrance Day Assembly at 11:00 AM on Thursday, November 8th.  All parents are welcome to attend. If planning to attend please contact the school office so we can have enough chairs set up for visitors.(453-5433 or sandra.gilchrist@nbed.nb.ca)​


October 30
Celebrating French Culture with Razzmatazz!

On October 23rd students celebrated French Culture with the singing group from N.S. Students had FUN!



Razzmatazz.jpg 1.jpg

October 29
Powerful People Chart

Dear Parents:

Please be on the look out for a "Powerful" People chart your child will be bringing home. The schools' Health Promoting School group is asking families to take part in a week-long voluntary survey that is completely anonymous.  Besides giving your child an idea of the different areas of health they need to be aware of , and how they are doing with these areas, the survey will give our group an idea of what programs and activities we should plan to supplort them.  We are not interestedd in individual results, only general areas of weakness that could be addressed.  We will be collecting them next Monday, November 5th.  Once tabulating the informaiton, all surveys will be shredded.

Curry Smith

Phyical Education Teaher​

October 19
Montgomery Street School Practice Evacuation

Today Montgomery Street School staff, students and visitors did a practice evacuation to the NBTA parking lot next door to the school. Students did an excellent job walking over in a quiet and orderly manner. This is one of the many things we practiced this week during Safe School Week in ASD-W.

MSS Evacuation -October 19,2018.jpg

October 12
Safe School Week at Montgomery Street School.

October 15th  - 19th has been designated Safe School Week for ASD-W. Please review safety practices in your home with your children. At school we will practice fire drills, school evacuation to the NBTA , bus safety and lock down procedures. ​

October 03
Cross Country is a GO for today Wednesday, October 3, 2019
October 03
Cross Country is a GO for today Wednesday, October 3, 2019
October 02
TERRY FOX RUN RESCHEDULED  FOR TODAY - Tuesday, October 2nd at 1:00 PM
September 26
Cross Country Meet CANCELLED FOR TODAY . Sept. 26th 2018
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