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Dear Parents and Guardians,


Welcome to McAdam Elementary School!
At McAdam Elementary we believe in fostering a positive learning and working environment that enables students to achieve their individual best.  Our vision is to provide a happy, safe, caring and engaging environment where all students will recognize and achieve their fullest potential.
 McAdam Elementary School has developed very strong community relationships where  we continually invite staff, parents, guardians and the community to work cooperatively as partners.  This helps our students become lifelong learners, effective thinkers and respectful citizens.
Please remember that effective, respectful and open communication between home and school is essential and extremely important.  We encourage you to look for important notes from your child’s teacher as well as school memos and messages on a daily basis.
Students at McAdam Elementary School take great pride in themselves and their work.  All students at McAdam Elementary School, continuously work to be respectful, courteous and cooperative workers. When acting as responsible citizens of McAdam Elementary School, students continue to have a positive impact on our school environment, supporting a positive learning environment of success in which everyone benefits from.
Best Wishes to all for a new, exciting and productive school year!
Kelly Smith Lunn, Principal
And the Staff at McAdam Elementary School