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February 18
Glee Club Part 2
February 18
Glee Club Part 1
February 15
5B Important info

Hello parent(s)/guardian(s),

This week has been full of activity, between the snowday on Wednesday and the skating and Valentine's Day celebrations on Thursday. In the following mini-paragraphs, I will include some important information.


There is NO SCHOOL on February 18, as it is Family Day in New Brunswick (and in most of the other provinces).


Language Arts: see homework at the bottom of the post



We continue to study fractions and decimals. Students have demonstrated increased number sense during the study and practice of skills. The homework does not reflect Math practice but the targeted outcomes can be practiced at http://sheppardsoftware.com/math.htm#decimals






and other math sites like




Please continue to practice the other math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).



Students have brought home an information sheet for parents and students that explains the STEAM science project. This project is mostly completed at home. In class, students have learned how to complete the requirements of this experiment listed in the steps 1-6 below. The steps are:

  1. create/compose a question to answer

      2. create an hypothesis

      3. create a procedure for the experiment

      4. record materials required

      5. record observations (in a  table or other)

      6. record the results (determined from the      observations)

      7. make conclusions


All of these steps can be found on the internet; they are the universal elements of a scientific experiment that follows the scientific method.


The expectation is that students have completed a rough copy for the steps 1-6 by February 18th. Guidance will continue to be given based upon the completion of the students' responsibilities for homework. HAVE FUN WITH THIS!!!


Please view the following video for an idea about what is expected by students:



Here is a selection of Science Fair Projects from the 2017 STEAM Expo at IJ Holton.


Students are required to complete their Reading Log homework for Tuesday, February 19th.


Science STEAM experiment project development

December 19
5B Have a safe, happy and healthy Winter Break

​WE have completed 4 of 10 months of school. Some studentts have been asking for some work to do over the Break, so I suggest that you review my teacher page entries to review some links.


We have completed the studey of Multiplication of shole numbers for now. An introduction of the simple division of numbers in the 10 times table ( with no remainder) have been presented and practiced.


24 shared 3 ways = 8

12 shared 3 ways = 4

72 shared 9 ways = 8

For students who want to get into more complicated division, you may try long-division.


273 shared 3 ways = 91

Click on the lnks below to learn some technoques to do long-division.

standard long-division technique

repeated subtration


During the month of January, we will continue to study French in an immersion setting until Frebruary. In February we will have finished half of the school year and we will begin the instruction of Language Arts, Science and Social Studies which are taught in the English language.

During the Winter Break, students are encouraged to read French books (maybe digital versions on the NB Public Libraries website, see my earlier posting about that).


Continue to read daily.

Happy Holidays.

Monsieur Bray



December 12
5B Math Multiplcation Method
December 12
5B Concert Songs
December 12
5B Winter Concert Songs
December 10
5B Weekly Update

Dear families of grade 5B students, there are only 9 days of classes remaining before the Winter Holidays !!!

The last day of classes is December 21st which is a full-day of school.

Friday's 5B Class Pyjama Movie Party Celebration was really positive. Students enjoyed the earning this special chosen reward through gaining points for their acts of kindness and responsibility during the last month.


We continue to study "Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers". Students have been developing nuimber sense and determining best strategies for solving Math Multipliccation problems. Today, we began whole-class instruction on 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication, eg. 34X45=

Click here for another multiplcation method to solve the above problem.



Particitioning (click below)

 PArtitioning multiplication


Students have completed the goals of the clothing unit. They are bridging the end of the theme study on clothing with the next unit on Hobbies and Passtimes,


Important Dates:

- Selling Gift Basket raffle tickets (on-going until the Christmas concert)

NOTE: 50% of all proceeds support the Grade 5 year-end trip and Promotion Ceremony

- December 14th at 10:30 LSS Winter Concert at FHS Tom Morrison Theatre (only only show)

- December 18, 19, 20 LSS Winter Shoppe is open (all items are $1)

- December 21 (last day of school); it's a full-day.

-January 8th, first day back at school : )





November 22
5B Bray Reading On-line Resources (French and English)

​French Books

If you have a New Brunswick library card then you may access French and English digital books by clicking on Tumblebooks and then choosing French from the Tab Bar.

clcik here 

November 22
5B Literacy Aids (Reading and Writing)

​When your child is reading, they may check the pronunciation of a word by using the following link; type in the word that you wish to hear pronounced and then click the speakier to hear it pronounced.

click here


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