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November 24
5B multiplication speed trick
November 22
5Bray Math Long-Divison methods
November 08
5B Math resource site

​Parents will need to create a FREE acciount

Adding decimals, fractions and equivalent fraction to decimals are areas for praxctice.

lond division of 2digit by 1digit or more difficult, as required


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November 02
5B Distance LEarning Day 2

​I'm having trouble posting my Distance LEarning Powerpoint here so please get it at TEAMS in the files section in the DISTANCE LEARNING FOLDER

I will email the PowerPoint to your parents

November 01
5B BINGO game
October 21
5B art origami heart
October 19
5B technology club - CODING
October 19
5B Mathhow to multiply 2-digit by 2-digit in ONE LINE
October 14
5B Science Opportunites related to computer technology
October 14
5B "C'est l"Halloween" video
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