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May 28
June Book Order

The book order for June will be due Thursday, May 31.​

Please make cheques payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd.

May 18
This Week in Grade 4 - May 22-25


May 25 - Popsicle Sale to support grade 4 year end activities

May 29 - Early Dismissal  at 11:30

We are down to five weeks left this school year. Students are working on a provincial assessment over teh next two weeks in reading, math and science. I am away for meetings on May 22.

Reading - Students are being assessed again on their comprehension skills

Writing - Students will be working on writing memoirs and poetry for the remainder of the year.

Math - Students are working geometry outcomes for the next two weeks.

Cursive Letter Practice - c, d, p, g, o, q

May 03
This Week in Grade 4 - May 7-11

​I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend and had an opportunity to spend some time outside now that the warm weather is finally here.

Ms. Dingman's time has ended with us, however the students had a chance to write her letters last week and share their favorite moments with her.

Important Dates: May 14 - No School

We have a busy 6 weeks ahead of us. We will be completing our final outcomes in all subjects along with lots of review in math and literacy.

Writing - Students continue to work on and write letters to people they know. We will also be selecting famous people like authors and write letters asking them questions about their lives

Current Events - We are using local and global images/pictures of events happening around the world to work on our speaking and listening skills and using conversation to enhance our communication.

Math - Students are working on measurement, including calendar work, reading clocks, perimeter and area.

Science - Students will begin working on ean ndangered species reserach project. They will have time in class each week to research questions they have about their animal and present their findings to their peers.


April 30
This Week in Grade 4 Burrell - April 30-May3
Welcome to another week.
May 2 - Wonderful Wednesday
May 3 - Ms. Dingman's last day with us
May 4 - No School
This week marks our last few days with Ms. Dingman, She did a great job and I am sure the students will miss it. We are going to have a small farewell party for her on Thursday. If anyone wants to send it a snack-treat-drink for the event please let me know of send it along with your child.
Math - Students are finishing up work on fractions and decimals this week.
Writing - Students are working on letter writing to people in their lives and authors
Reading - We are working on speaking and listening skills using books
Science - Students are finishing a unit on sound and beginning a research project on animals. More info to follow on that soon.
Cursive Practice - Your child brought home a cursive practice book today. Students have been asked to write in it each night for 10-15 minutes. This week's work consists of making the proper letter formations for the whole alphabet. For example, write a line of a, then b, then c. Do about 8 letters each night.
Please let me know if you have any questions, Dave

April 23
Hot Lunch Orders Due

Just a reminder that Hot Lunch Orders are due this Thursday (April ​26).

April 16
This Week in Grade 4 Burrell - April 16-20

Thank you for coming in last week to meet during parent teacher.

Students have a full week ahead with Ms. Dingman teaching all subjects.
Note - I am away this week as I will be spending time with my new son (Ben) who arrived 8 weeks early and is in the hospital. He is doing well and I am looking forward to time with him.
Reading - Students are completing an author study using Robert Munsch books. They are selecting their own book and completing a series of tasks to determine the characters motives, authors intent and main themes.
Writing - Students are continuing to write literary essay's (using Robert Munsch again). This is similar to a book report bit with a focus on using examples from the book to support their personal opinions.
Math - Students are being assessed on Fractions on Monday ad Tuesday and will move into a unit on decimals later in the week.
Science - Students are learning about sound and its properties.
All the best, Dave
April 06
This Week in Grade 4 Burrell - April 9-13

Hi everyone, we have another short week as their is no school ​on Friday April 13th because of Parent Teacher Interview Times. Ms. Dingman continues to teach all subjects. In writing, students are working on literary essays (book studies). In math, they continue to work on fractions and number sense outcomes. In health, students are completing a unit on personal safety strategies. In science they are learning about sounds.

Important dates:

April 9 - Report Cards Home

April 11 - Wonderful Wednesday Begins

April 11 - 13 - Scholastic Book Fair

April 12 - Parent Teacher Interviews from 4-7

April 13 - No School

April 13 - Parent Teacher Interviews from 9-12

March 29
Open House

Thank you to everyone that came to out Open House today!  It was easy to tell how much the students enjoyed sharing their science experiments and everything they have learned.

Have a wonderful long weekend!​

March 29
Homework March 30 - April 6

There will not be any math homework this week, only reading.

March 29
April Outcomes
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