January Return to School - Home Learning and Covid-19 Updates

Article Posted: Friday, January 07, 2022

January 7, 2022

Dear ASD-W Families,

Last week the Province announced that there will be no classes on Monday, January 10 and that students will move to at-home learning from Tuesday, January 11, until at least Friday, January 21. Depending on the status of Covid-19 in the province, at-home learning may be extended beyond that date. The situation will be re-evaluated during the week of January 17.

At-Home Learning

Our staff are working very hard to prepare meaningful learning opportunities for your children as we make this move back to learning from home. Please watch for information on learning plans and expectations from your child's school or teacher. Some students with exceptional needs will be permitted to attend school in person during this time. Schools will reach out directly to families of these students with more information.

Grades K-5: Learning packages will be distributed starting Monday. More information will come from your child's school. Learning packages will provide meaningful work to support the continuation of classroom learning and specific learning outcomes. Resources will be primarily paper-based. However, some online opportunities may be offered. We understand the challenges with child-care faced by families and that the ability to connect online will vary amongst students.

Grades 6-12: Schools will provide an opportunity for students to pick up books and learning materials starting Monday. More information will come from your child's school. Learning will be primarily online through Microsoft TEAMS, with additional meaningful learning provided through independent homework, projects, readings, virtual group work, etc.

Middle schools will provide loaner devices wherever possible. However, devices are limited. For middle school students where online learning does not occur, other options for learning will be made available.

Teachers will be continuing classroom concepts and specific learning outcomes. Assessment will continue, and attendance will be taken. Students are required to engage in learning and keep up with new materials and assignments that are introduced during this time. If this is a struggle, please communicate with your teacher.

Public Health Updates

The Province has moved schools to at-home learning due to the rapid spread of the Omicron variant of Covid-19. As such, Public Health has made fundamental shifts in its approach to testing, isolation, and contact tracing. You can find the most updated Covid-19 news and guidelines here.

Communicating a case

It is now up to the family of the student who tests positive to notify close contacts, including the school. A general notification for new positive cases in our district will be shared with our school community daily or as needed. More details on how this will occur will be communicated next week.


Students who test positive will still be expected to isolate, along with their close household contacts. However, the isolation period has been shortened to 5 or 10 days, depending on vaccination status. Students identified as close community contacts (or non-household contacts) are expected to monitor for symptoms. They are not required to isolate or complete daily rapid testing to attend school. Full details on isolating can be found here.


If one or more symptom develops, students are expected to stay home and register online for a rapid test (POCT) or a PCR test depending on their individual risk factors. Those who qualify for rapid POCT will be provided with a date, time, and location to obtain their test kits. Only people registered for a rapid POCT kit will be provided with tests. Schools will no longer be receiving rapid tests kits from the Province for distribution. Full details on how to get tested can be found here.

We know these are challenging times, and we thank you for your understanding as we work to respond to the changing pandemic. We look forward to welcoming all children back into our schools when it is safe in our province to do so.


David McTimoney, Superintendent, ASD-W