Statement on Music at FHS

Article Posted: Tuesday, June 01, 2021

In February 2021, Fredericton High School revised the course selection process for grade 9 students making course choices for grade 10. 

In the current high school structure, students planning for grade 10 have the option of choosing 2 elective courses.  The traditional requirements for students at Fredericton High School were to choose at least one course from Music-10 and Visual Arts-10 and choose a second course from the complete list of options of electives which include Music-10, Visual Arts-10, Broad-Based Technology-10, and Physical Education-10.  Fredericton High School has been able to personalize these elective courses to offer even greater choice, with one from within the overarching curricular area allowed.

New for students in grade 9 this year is the option to choose their two electives from any of the elective options available under the umbrella of Music, Visual Arts, Broad-Based Technology, and Physical Education…ie. choose 2 from the 4.  This has opened the door for more student choice and is in line with provincial expectations and philosophy.

 We understand that there are some in the music community who disagree with this change in practice and many have written to us.  We respect and applaud the passion these individuals have for music and the fine arts.  Some have written with the belief that we have cancelled the music curriculum at FHS in grade 10.  This is not the case.  The music program at FHS remains strong and vibrant and will continue to afford a tremendous opportunity for those who wish to pursue music further, both in the classroom and as an extra-curricular activity.

We recognize that the interpretation of various provincial documents might suggest that curricular hours will not be met with this change.  There is more documentation to suggest that the move is in alignment and a step in the right direction.

Anglophone West School District fully supports the FHS change to the course selection process and appreciates that it aligns with provincial expectations and philosophy.  The attached response document provides rationale, references, and data that support this decision.

Music at FHS - Response Document - May 2021.pdfMusic at FHS - Response Document - May 2021.pdf


David McTimoney,

Superintendent of Schools, Anglophone West School District