Article Posted: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Summerhill Street School SPCA Fundraiser

On Thursday April 1st students at Summerhill Street School presented a vanload of pet supplies and $250 to the Oromocto SPCA.

 This student-led initiative was inspired by a class discussion about how animals are being affected by the pandemic. Grade 5 French Immersion student, Morgan B., backed by her teacher Mme. Lavoie, her schoolmates, and her principal Mrs. Atherton, set out to fundraise for the SPCA.

Morgan chose the SPCA because she loves animals and she adopted her cat, Zoey, there. “With the pandemic, many businesses are closed so I thought that the SPCA might be in the same situation with fewer donations because people were not able to work due to Covid-19. It’s important we help because they are a charity and that means they depend on us to stay open.”

The fundraiser involved the whole school. Mme. Lavoie encouraged students to decorate donation boxes and helped the class work on ways to promote the event. Posters and morning announcements were made, and teachers emailed families for support. The response was overwhelming.

A total of $250 was raised and a van full of items including paper towels, laundry detergent, canned tuna and salmon, dry and wet dog and cat food, Cheez Whiz, toys and chew bones were donated. The money came from a dress up day where students donated a $1 to dress up as their favorite animal.

The SPCA was presented with the items and money on Thursday April 1st. They were very thankful for the donation and impressed by the generosity of the students.  SPCA volunteers said that Summerhill students were very thoughtful and kind.

Along with being a successful fundraiser, the event was an invaluable educational opportunity that encouraged students to communicate in both French and English. Mme. Lavoie, who mentored the project, shared that there were many lessons learned. “The money had to be counted, deposit prepared and rolled which was a wonderful Math life lesson. We made predications and charted our progress during the week. They used art and creativity with posters and boxes, with very little guidance from me as their teacher. I was merely the coach and let the students generate their thoughts and ideas via discussions. There was a lot of teamwork in this very special project that brought everyone closer together.”

Principal Atherton shared that at Summerhill there is a focus on student leadership and responsibility. “When Morgan wrote her letter to me asking for permission to hold this activity, I was more than happy to say yes to her request. It really brought a smile to my face to see how excited the students were, especially in grade 3, to be involved with something like this. They couldn’t wait to participate and help the SPCA.”

This project was the epitome of kindness and community and is summed up well by student Tanner M.: “I learned all animals can be helped with acts of kindness. Just donating one little thing makes a big difference. If everybody donated something small, it makes a big difference. Animals give us love and support. For some people they help them get through the day.”

Morgan, who spearheaded the campaign, asks that people continue to support the SPCA and reminds us that “animals make us feel better so we should help them feel better too!”