Make a difference. Become a DEC Candidate for ASD-W. Deadline is April 9th!

Article Posted: Wednesday, April 07, 2021

​Consider Becoming a Candidate for your Anglophone West District Education Council.

Your District Education Council (DEC) needs people who are dedicatedand passionate about the education of students in your district andacross the province. The DEC hires and evaluates the superintendent,develops policies, monitors the performance of the district and setspriorities for the district education plan.

Candidates do not need previous experience - just a willingness to learnhow DECs use policy and oversight to shape the future of education.Elected members work together to make decisions for all students andschools in the district.

DEC members will be elected with the municipal elections on May 10th, 2021 and will serve a 4 year term.

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Friday, April 9, at 2:00 PM is the deadline​!