Remote Learning for Townsview and Woodstock High School - Week of Jan 11

Article Posted: Sunday, January 10, 2021

Families of Woodstock High School and Townsview School,

Due to the increased activity of COVID-19 in your community and confirmed cases in your schools which has impacted school operations, we are required to make a shift to remote learning.  With few exceptions, all students will be learning from home this coming week.

Monday, January 11, will serve as an operational response day.  This will be a day for teachers to get organized for the transition.  Teachers will reach out to their students on this day and make a plan to connect virtually (Grades 6 to 12, for certain, and where possible in Grades K-5) to say hello and offer an explanation of what the rest of the week will look like.  Please watch for communication from the classroom teachers.  The full switch to “learning from home” begins on Tuesday, January 12.  This one-week plan will be reassessed on Thursday, January 14, and the plan for moving forward after Friday, January 15 will be shared with you at the end of that day.

Arrangements for picking up items at the school can be made with the main office.  The school may communicate with you further regarding this or any other details they wish to share.

School staff will reach out to individual families regarding special circumstances where your child may still come to school.  This will happen on Tuesday, January 12, if it applies to you.  Notwithstanding these few exceptions, students will be required to engage in their learning from home.

Due to the high-level activity in the area, Public Health has required that all students and staff from your two schools self-isolate this weekend.  These measures have allowed for Public Health to do the contact tracing.  Public Health will inform us when the global self-isolation measures can be lifted.  I will communicate with you again as soon as we know.

Please remember that Public Health will contact you if your child has been in close contact with any confirmed cases and provide instructions about self-isolation.

Children and young people look to the adults in their lives to guide them on how to react to worrying and stressful events. Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about any anxieties and remind them to treat one another with kindness and respect, in person and on social media.

If your child is showing any symptoms of COVID-19, you should:

  1. Register them online for a test by clicking “Get tested” on the GNB coronavirus website (, or
  2. Contact Tele-Care 811, or
  3. Contact your primary care provider.

The 811 operators or your primary care provider will evaluate your child before sending them for testing.

Thank you for supporting your child in this next week of learning and thank you for helping keep our schools, community, and province safe.

David McTimoney