Orange Alert in Zone 2

Article Posted: Sunday, November 22, 2020

Hello Anglophone West School District Families,

As of midnight, on Friday, November 20, 2020, Health Zone 2 (Saint John and Area) has changed to the Orange Alert Level in the NB Recovery Plan.  You may recall that I reached out to you on Friday November 20, to share the news that Health Zone 1 (Moncton and South-East NB) moved to the Orange Alert Level.

Although none of the 69 schools within our district fall into Health Zones 1 or 2, we do have some students and staff who live and work in communities within Health Zone 2. It is important that those who live in this zone follow the parameters outlined in the Orange Level Directives for Early Learning and Childcare Facilities and Schools.  This document can be found at this link:


The following is a list of communities and schools, within ASD-W, impacted by the Orange Alert Level:

  • Big Cove (Queens’s County), Cody’s, Coles Island, Caanan Forks, Highfield, Hunters Home, Long Creek, Picketts Cove, Salmon Creek and South Canaan are communities associated with Cambridge-Narrows Community School, Chipman Forest Avenue School or Chipman Elementary School.
  • Central Hampstead, Elm Hill, Pleasant Villa and Queenstown are communities associated with Gagetown School and Oromocto High School.
  • South Oromocto Lake and Wirral are communities associated with Sunbury West School and Oromocto High School.

Students from any of the above communities may attend other schools for French Immersion or as Out-of-Zone transfers.

Staff and students who live or travel (or have traveled) to a zone that is in the Orange Alert Phase must self-monitor and follow enhanced mask protocols for 14 days from their last visit to that zone. They must also follow directives in accordance with the Mandatory Order as if they were in the Orange Alert Phase.

For more information on the provincial response to COVID-19 please visit the following website:

Please also refer to the "Return to School – Direction for School Districts and Schools" document, which sets provincial expectations and standards for the safe operation of our schools during the pandemic. It can be found at this link:

As a final note, I encourage all ASD-W families to be diligent with wearing masks, hand-washing, and social distancing. It is through these small actions that we can make a huge impact on keeping our community safe.

Thank you,

David McTimoney, Superintendent​