Chess tournaments in ASD-W produce medal winners for provincial championship

Article Posted: Tuesday, February 25, 2020

​Concentration, memory skills, critical thinking and logic for playing the game of chess continue to produce medals for students in ASD-W schools.

Derrick Grant, Grades 6-12 numeracy coordinator for ASD-W, said six schools recently took part in a chess tournament held at Oromocto High School for students competing at the high school and middle school levels. Players competed in double elimination style playing up to six games to capture medals and become eligible to play in the provincial championships scheduled for April 18 in Edmundston. 

Ridgeview Middle School, Nashwaaksis Middle School, Gagetown School, Harold Peterson Middle School, Fredericton High School and Oromocto High School students attended this event. Medal winners were as follows: 

Grade 12: Gold, Leo Cui (FHS) and 2019 provincial champion.

Grade 11: Gold, Cynthia Cui (FHS) and 2019 provincial champion; Silver, Spencer Merryweather (FHS)

Grade 10: Gold, Aaron Meyer (OHS); Silver, Tom Wielemaker (FHS)

Grade 9: Gold, Max Yang (FHS); Silver, Tal Tepfer (FHS)

Grade 8 : Gold, Silas Moss (HP); Silver, Andrew Mabey (HP)

Grade 7: Gold, Jacob Connor (NMS); Silver, Gabe Strickland (RMS)

Grade 6: Gold, Peyton Tobin-Jardine (NMS); Silver, Carter Mulholland (RMS)

 ​Another tournament for middle school students also took place in Marysville with competitors entering from Bliss Carmen Middle School and George Street Middle School. Winners were as follows: 

Grade 8: Gold, Jacob Cheng (BCMS)  Silver, Grady Coy (BCMS)

Grade 7: Gold, Colin Partridge (BCMS) Silver, Leon Liu (GSMS)

Grade 6: Gold, Raktika Galwa (BCMS) Silver, Ben Craik (GSMS)

This students also move on to the provincial tournament in Edmundston.

Shown in the photos below are (1) medal winners from the six-school tournament held at Oromocto High School; (2) medal winners from the middle school tournament held in Marysville for students from Bliss Carman Middle School and George Street Middle School.

Chess FEC OEC medal winners (2).jpg

Chess FEC medal winners (2).jpg