Truckload of help for the homeless delivered by Hartland Community School students

Article Posted: Friday, February 21, 2020

​Over a truckload of goods and supplies was delivered to the Fredericton Homeless Shelter on Family Day, Feb. 17, thanks to the efforts of three Grade 4 students at Hartland Community​ School.

Brooklynn Whelan wanted to find a way to make a difference for homeless people trying to survive the cold winter months. With the support of her classmates, Marlee Girdwood and Vada Bradstreet, they spearheaded a school-wide campaign to collect donations for the homeless shelter.

"Together they formed a group, Hartland Helps Homeless, and they began speaking to others about it," said their teacher Deidre Cowperthwaite. "They sent out information sheets about their group, spoke to the elementary student body, and also our Grade 8 entrepreneurial students. As items started coming in, word got around the community about what was happening."

The generosity of their classmates and the community mounted up with donated clothing, blankets, books, toilet paper and other essentials filling the back of a truck and two cars for their delivery to Fredericton's homeless.

"It was a very rewarding experience for all involved," Cowperthwaite remarked.

Shown in the photo below are Brooklynn Whelan, Marlee Girdwood and Vada Bradstreet, Grade 4 students at Hartland Community School.

Help for Homeless 2.jpg

Help for homeless HCS.jpeg