Forest Hill Elementary School adopts new school mascot Forest the Fox

Article Posted: Friday, January 17, 2020

​Students and staff at Forest Hill Elementary School recently embarked on a journey to create a new school mascot that had meaning and relevance. That's how Forest the Fox was born.

"Students went through a brainstorming process and then democratically voted on on their top mascot ideas," said Principal Tracy Stewart.  "Families also got to have input on this process as the voting was also open to parents and guardians through an online survey.  After this process, all students created a piece of art work on how they envisioned our fox should look and then voted on the top art work they thought would best represent our school.  The vote determined the top four art pieces that became the inspiration for our final digital design." 

Stewart said the next step in the process involved working with teacher Peter Ayer and his digital design students at Oromocto High School who went through the process of creating their idea of Forest the Fox in digital form. 

"The high school students in this course are very talented and our school greatly enjoyed seeing their work," Stewart added. "The project was very engaging and meaningful to everyone involved and the partnership between the two schools is one we hope to continue."

 A final design was decided and the winning graphic artist was announced Jan. 15 to make the new school mascot a reality.

Shown in the photo below (left to right) front row: Oromocto High School Vice Principal Darla Day,  high school student Trenna Polchies, who had the winning design, Principal Tracy Stewart. Back row: Jeff Holder, principal at Oromocto High School, Trenna's father, and teacher Peter Ayer.

Forest Hill Mascot 1.jpg