Biology students at Leo Hayes High School learn about sharks

Article Posted: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

​Students studying Grade 11 Advanced Biology at Leo Hayes High School in Fredericton have been doing some hands on learning about sharks and their role in the animal kingdom.

On January 14, 29 students came to class, while 20 parents and family members joined them in an interesting lab experiment to dissect dogfish sharks, one of the best known species of smaller sharks. To their teacher, the procedure was all part of science.

"It was an excellent way to see, touch and explore the various organs and organ systems of an animal," said teacher Lisa Holyoke-Walsh. "It is so essential for these students to see how dynamic and intricate the various body systems are in these animals and to make connections to similarities and differences in our own bodies."

Biology is the study of living things, organisms and the systems and processes that permit life. Studies include subjects like cell biology, evolutionary biology, marine biology, and plant biology. Sharks are fish and organic in nature. They have existed almost unchanged for 400 million years – long before the dinosaur came into existence.

Holyoke-Walsh said the class on sharks was a "culminating event" for her students as well as an important learning experience for them, their parents, siblings and the one grandmother who attended.

Shown in the photo below are students and family members in biology class with teacher Lisa Holyoke Walsh.