Gift giving for Nackawic Elementary School students ensures a Merry Christmas

Article Posted: Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A gift giving campaign for students at Nackawic Elementary School has surpassed this year's expectations, thanks to the generosity and support of a local business, AV Group Nackawic, a long-time supporter of the school at Christmas time.

"Once again, this year, they (the mill) reached out to us, and we provided them with the names of 37 students," said Vice-Principal Holly Jones. "They were able to buy gifts for all of these children. This is my very first Christmas at the school as vice-principal and I was overwhelmed with what they bought."

Rachael Gauthier and Mary Thompson were the two contacts organizing the project on behalf of AV Group Nackawic. Staff at the mill did all of the shopping and wrapping .

"We just had to provide them with the information and then go and pick up the gifts. It couldn’t have gone any smoother," Jones added. "We were expecting a gift or two for each child, but were pleasantly surprised when there was more than that – the gifts filled two vehicles!"

As with any community, there are families who struggle this time of year and it’s nice to be able to give these families a little extra boost, Jones stated.

"We are all very appreciative of the support. The staff and families of Nackawic Elementary School would like to say thank you to AV Group Nackawic!​"

Shown in the photo below are Nackawic Elementary School teacher Nicole Priest and Vice-Principal Holly Jones picking up the gifts purchased by the mill for the students.

Holly 1.jpg