Centreville Community School green thumbs growing lettuce for school cafeteria

Article Posted: Thursday, December 12, 2019

Grade 2 students at Centreville Community School are learning to be green thumbs by growing lettuce in their classroom for the school cafeteria. 

"Students care for the plants from seed to harvest and learn about life cycles and care of the plants," said teacher Angie Debertin. "They also monitor nutrients and pH in the hydroponic system for optimal growth. The mature lettuce is harvested and given to the school cafeteria to be used in salads, providing a healthy food choice for our students and staff."

Debertin said lettuce is grown at three different stages so that fresh produce is always available. 

"Students learn about how food is grown and their efforts provide an important service to our school community," she noted.

Similar gardening projects are taking place in other schools in ASD-W as part of global competency and experiental learning, as well as group skills development.

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