Gibson Neill Memorial Elementary School student posts her own video for angel tree

Article Posted: Wednesday, December 04, 2019

​Grade 1 student Molly Witherall says she wants to help other children this holiday season so she recorded her own video and shared it with family and friends to collect donations for the Christmas Angel Tree at Gibson Neill Memorial Elementary School. Her efforts brought in over $550 for the cause.

"It was a wonderful experience for Molly," said her mother Meagan Witherall. "People wrote her little letters, called and offered lots of encouragement and spoke of being inspired to spread a little kindness of their own. The money came in from all across Canada - a pretty memorable experience for her to carry forward in her life."

At Molly's school, paper angels are hung on a Christmas tree, each indicating a child's need such as clothing as well as a toy for Christmas. Generous donors come by to select paper angels, fulfill the Christmas wishes written on them, and then return the items to the school as gifts. Molly's fundraising will help to make sure a grocery store gift certificate is also added to the list of Christmas presents provided to families this year.

"This is our second year for it (Christmas Angel Tree) and it is very special," said Principal Sherry Norton-Graham. "People are very touched by it and I am thrilled with the response." 

Norton-Graham said the Christmas Angel Tree serves as a unique holiday assistance program that connects the community with the school, while helping deserving children and their families. 

"It was very heartwarming to hear from her (Molly's) mother," Norton-Graham explained. "She described how Molly was very taken by the thought that some children might not have gifts under the tree that they would want."

View Molly's video issued to family and friends at the link below.