Principal shaves moustache for Movember at Hartland Community School

Article Posted: Wednesday, December 04, 2019

​​​Students and staff at Hartland Community School have been busy working to rid Principal Andy Clark of his moustache.

As part of the Movember campaign, the school participated in fundraising to build school spirit and support the cause for men's health in Canada. Their principal Andy Clark accepted the supreme challenge to shave his beloved moustache if the school could raise $3,000 for the River Valley Cancer Support group. The school surpassed that goal by raising $5,600.

Vice-Principal Lesley Bustard said the campaign got off to a slow start with less than $500 collected during the first two weeks so students and staff rolled up their sleeves and brainstormed fundraising events to ensure the Huskies would meet the challenge.

"The last two weeks have been fun-filled with students, staff, and community members pitching in," Bustard said.  "There have been muffin sales, sock hops where students donned mustaches, 50/50 draws, candy canes sales, HCS Christmas ornament sales, car cleaning, Fan’stache’tic basket ticket sales, ‘tache of Italy meal auction, and donations have poured in from local businesses, family, friends, colleagues, and neighboring schools."

As a result, Principal Andy Clark went for a shave on Dec. 4.

Robyn Oakes, educational essistant at the school, wrote a poem to commemorate the event.:


By Robyn Oakes, Educational Assistant at HCS

Mr. Clark has a mustache

That is older than time

Along came Movember

Tis' the theme of this rhyme.


The challenge was made

And the gauntlet thrown down

Huskies were eager

They were joined by the town.


“Raise three thousand dollars

 You’ve got thirty days

And if you’re successful

My mustache I’ll shave.”


Huskies took on the task

They schemed and they planned

They threw out a challenge

To the folks of Hartland.


Sports teams raised dollars

Kids danced in their socks

They donned their fake staches

Sold all the candy in stock

This thing rolled like a snowball

Oh, how big it became!

First came Fire Chief Walton

Mayor Darrin did the same.


People flocked in to give

Dollars flowed in like honey

I’ll list some of the names

His mom and dad came with money.


The Greens, Craigs and Allens

Nearby schools and some more

The ball it was rolling

Richard came from the store.


Colleagues and friends

Too many to count

Donations poured in

Like water out the fount.


This challenge went viral

The Oakes, the Nevers

Money came from New York

Mr. Clark had the shivers.


So many donations

From mighty to small

For these we are grateful

We just can’t name them all

The thanks they are many

We don’t want to miss one

From students to teachers

We all had such fun!


Just one last huge thank you

Mr. Clark, you’re the one

Without your old mustache

This could never have been done.


It’s the end of the month

We made it, it’s done

The mustache is over

River Valley Cancer has WON!​

Shown in the photo on the front page are Hartland Community School Principal Andy Clark with Miss New Brunswick Kristen Culberson during the fundraising campaign. Shown below are (1) Principal Andy Clark awith his daughter Taylor following the loss of his moustache; (2) Principal Andy Clark with members of the River Valley Cancer Support group.

HCS principal.jpg

HCS Cheque.jpg