Park Street Elementary School students plant trees for climate action project

Article Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2019

​Thanks to the initiative of one caring student at Park Street Elementary School, several new trees were planted at the Nashwaak Greenway in Marysville on Oct. 29.

Student MacKenzie Klinker recently attended a climate march with her family and learned about how planting trees can help repair and protect the environment. She asked her teachers and Principal Rien Meesters to help her reach her goal of planting 1,000 trees. 

Grade 5 French Immersion teacher Elizabeth Howlett reached out for a community partner and the Nashwaak Watershed Association offered a tree planting outing for the students.

 "Our class of 17 (students) planted 29 trees," Howlett said. "While doing this, we learned more about the importance of trees in helping to preserve the Nashwaak Watershed. We also talked about how it is everyone's responsibility to help protect the environment that all living things share. Mackenzie is still looking to reach her goal of planting 1000 trees. We will be looking for other opportunities to plant trees on perhaps a larger scale and encouraging other classes to pursue opportunities."

 Principal Rien Meesters said the class project was representative of "the climate change movement and student voice."

Shown in the photos below are Grade 5 students from Park Street Elementary School planting trees at the Nashwaak Greenway in Marysville.

PSE Tree planting 1.jpg
PSE Tree planting 3.jpg
PSE Tree planting 3.jpg