McAdam High School celebrates Becca Schofield Day with acts of kindness

Article Posted: Friday, September 20, 2019

​Students and staff at McAdam High School have been busy performing acts of kindness is recognition of Becca Schofield Day on Sept. 15. 

Middle school students baked cookies and put them in bags decorated by the students with kind words and art work. Working in three groups, the students canvassed their community going from house to house and business to business, delivering the goodies.

"The students were excited about the activity and their effort was appreciated and well received by citizens of the community," said Principal Jeremy MacIver. 

The high school class of 2020 also set up a drive through in front of the school and then on Main Street to hand out a free cup of Tim Horton's​ coffee to passersby and to wish each one a great day.

"Both of these activities taught lessons far beyond the classroom on citizenship and acts of kindness," MacIver noted. "It also served to build relationships between the youth and the adults in the community."

Becca Schofield, a resident of Riverview, initiated a campaign to encourage kindness and goodwill after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Campaign participants were asked to perform random acts of kindness and to share them on social media using #BeccaToldMeTo. The campaign became a global movement, inspiring thousands of people throughout the world.

On May 14, 2017, the legislative assembly unanimously passed a motion recognizing the third Saturday of September as Becca Schofield Day.

Schofield lost her battle with cancer on Feb. 17, 2018, at the age of 18. Later in the year, she was named posthumously as a recipient of the Order of New Brunswick.

In recognition of the inspiration Schofield provided to the world, New Brunswickers are encouraged to keep her legacy alive by performing random acts of kindness.​

Shown in the photos below are students from McAdam High School taking part in their Becca Schofield Day activities.