Montgomery Street Elementary School students learning about nutritional literacy

Article Posted: Thursday, September 19, 2019

Students at Montgomery Street Elementary School are becoming green thumbs as they continue learning about nutritional literacy. The students will be using tower garden growing systems to produce their own vegetables and herbs right in the classroom.

The project first blossomed in March 2019 when the school received a $5,000 Community Food Action Grant, enabling nine classes to learn about nutrition, food safety and security, plant growth and cooking healthy foods.

"Students will continue to use the tower gardens to grow food in their classrooms again this year," said Principal Kurt Stiles.   "Teachers will continue to use these as well to supplement their lessons on healthy eating and Canada’s new food guide.  We look to see more students bringing veggies in their lunch and taking a risk with trying new healthy foods they might otherwise not take a chance on.  We hope to continue with an even larger nutrition project this year and are just waiting on funding."

During the last school year, visits with local farmers were arranged for the students to find out how food purchased in grocery stories is produced. Dieticians and health nurses also visited the school to host proper nutrition assemblies. 

The food produced by the students using their tower gardens was eventually taken to the Greener Village Food Bank where Chef Yves Deschenes taught students about food safety and food preparation as they worked together to create meals they could share and enjoy. Students also presented their projects to their classmates and parents, detailing their experiences and what they had learned.

Stiles said, in addition​ to the nutritional and food preparation knowledge gained, the students also developed confidence, and social and networking skills, while be provided with opportunities for interaction and relationship building at school and in the community.

Shown in the photo below is Chef Yves Deschenes working with Montgomery Street Elementary School students at the Greener Village Food Bank.