Park Street Elementary School celebrates ARCC Day before full house

Article Posted: Tuesday, June 18, 2019

​Students at Park Street Elementary School gathered before a full gymnasium to showcase their accomplishments this school year, while marking ARCC (Awareness, Resiliency, Compassion, Community) Day on June 18.

"We can all be leaders here at Park Street School," the children sang to the school song. "It's the best possible place to grow."

Principal Rien Meesters said students were proud to celebrate ARCC Day and share what they have been learning and doing whether it be lessons in the classroom, passion projects with their teachers, fundraising and community service activities or taking part in monthly school assemblies. 

"This day continues to grow and become a bigger event each year," Meesters said. "It's teacher and student driven and fits in with the province's 10-year education plan to build mental fitness and leadership." 

"The students enjoy it," explained Vice-Principal Tarah Gauvin. "A lot of them get involved in a community piece and become aware of the world around them as well as the world within our school building."

On June 18, there were classroom visits, individual classes presenting special projects, performances in the gym, as well as displays of student art work, music composition and song writing, handmade crafts, baking club, gardening and nutrition, outdoor education, coding, sports and running club and more.

In community service, students raised between $4,000 and $5,000 for various local charities as well as help for the people of Haiti. The students decided what charities they would support after non-profit groups visited the school to explain what they do in the community.

During ARCC Day, student leaders led their own school assembly, outlining their school year, as their teachers and parents watched from the audience.  There was a performance by students involved in musical theatre as well as the school choir and then all students joined in for the school song.

 "It's really amazing to see what we can do in our school, our community and around the world," Grade 5 student Alex Shephard said from the podium.

"Let's take a moment to give ourselves a big round of applause," added Wyatt Wasson, Grade 5.

Other activities for ARCC Day included an outdoor race demonstration by the running club, outdoor games and a family picnic.

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