Retirement event honours over 90 ASD-W employees

Article Posted: Monday, June 10, 2019

​A retirement celebration in Oromocto June 8 recognized over 90 employees of ASD-W who have served the education system in various capacities and from many different positions through several years. They included district staff, teachers, principals, vice-principals, educational assistants, custodians and bus drivers. All had reached an important milestone, marking the completion of their successful careers with the district.

"We all know it is bittersweet to leave a workplace you have enjoyed," said Acting Superintendent Catherine Blaney. "The place we work and the people we know grow to mean so much to us. The changes and challenges we have experienced through the years stay with us in our collective memories. But it is the students and those we have see go on to achieve great things that make us the most proud. The children have been our inspiration and greatest reward."

Blaney told the retirees whatever their job description, their work and commitment have strengthened district operations through the years, and they would not be forgotten by their colleagues as they begin a new stage of life.

"You have made an important contribution to education, while following our vision and our values for excellence, teamwork, professionalism and shared leadership," she said. "You have each played a key role in creating a safe and positive learning environment for our students across every corner of the district. Now is the time for new beginnings. The world is out there waiting for you with new rivers to swim and new mountains to climb. Just imagine the possiblities - you have earned it."​

Shown in the photos below are long-serving employees (1) Haldean Alward, bus driver, Doaktown; (2) Clarence Carr, custodian, Hartland; (3) Dorothy Duncan, district office, Fredericton; (4) Betty Hawkins, educational assistant, Harvey; (5) Angela Boudreau, teacher, Chipman; (6) Cheryl Miles, teacher/learning specialist, Fredericton; (7) Brent Shaw, teacher, Harvey; (8) Rita Sivitilli, teacher, Chipman; (9) Joan Corey, teacher, Oromocto; (10) Joanne Eales, teacher, McAdam; (11) Karen Little, teacher, Fredericton; (12) Michel Lanteigne, teacher, Geary; (13) Brenda Cameron, teacher, Fredericton; (14) Connie Boone, bus driver, Hartland; (15) Jocelyn Doucet, teacher, Burton; (16) Donna Marie Langille, teacher, Bristol; (17) Heather Sharpe, teacher, Hartland: (18) Carol Irving, teacher, Woodstock.


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