Minister commends Capacity for Courage team in Anglophone sector

Article Posted: Monday, March 25, 2019


New Brunswick Legislative Assembly

Daily Legislative Sitting 16 

March 22, 2019 

Hon. Mr. Cardy: Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to rise in the House today to recognize the work of many students and educators who have been driving dynamic change toward cultural vibrancy in our schools and a sense of belonging for all through their involvement in the Capacity for Courage team in the Anglophone sector over the past year.

Le programme Capacity for Courage a offert pendant une année un financement visant à aider le personnel scolaire et les élèves à lancer des initiatives qui mettent en valeur la richesse culturelle dans les salles de classe, les écoles et les collectivités.

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development partnered with the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour and NouLAB, a program of the Pond-Deshpande Centre, on 26 innovative projects touching 24 schools across our province. Students and educators worked hard on these projects to welcome newcomers and make those of all cultural backgrounds feel as though they be​long. In doing so, they enriched their classrooms, their schools, and their communities. Mr. Speaker, this is how we enrich New Brunswick. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

M. C. Chiasson : C’est vraiment de bonnes nouvelles.

I think this is great. This is great news. I am glad to hear of such an initiative. Mr. Speaker, we know that education is a key to our future prosperity, and we also know that immigration is going to play a key role in our future growth. It is programs such as this one that help welcome these people into our communities and make them feel like part of our communities and that are going to play an important role in retaining these immigrants in our communities. I think that it would be incumbent upon the minister to ensure that this program continues and that it is rolled out to all our schools in both the Anglophone and Francophone sectors so that we can ensure that we are able to retain these immigrants that we want so badly to come into our province and our communities and so that they feel welcome. I would hope that the minister, despite the budget that has been forward, would be able to dig deep into his pockets to find the money to fund this program in every school in New Brunswick.

Mr. Speaker: Time, member.

Ms. Mitton: Mr. Speaker, especially given the climate of fear and hatred that is being sown by some around the world, resulting in violence due to racism, islamophobia, and other forms of discrimination, it is great to see concrete projects that educate and foster an environment that is welcoming and that celebrates diversity. As one project is titled, today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. We need to make sure that our classrooms and, beyond that, our communities are inclusive in many ways. I am pleased to see projects focused on welcoming newcomers through the Capacity for Courage project. I am glad to see them working on this issue, and I am hoping that this could continue and not be just a one-year project. It is important that our communities welcome immigrants, refugees, and newcomers to our province. It makes us stronger for a variety of reasons that are not limited to only economic ones.

Congratulations to the partners and especially to the teachers and students for being leaders in our communities. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

​Mr. Austin: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. I do think it is important that, as we educate our children in this province, we instill in them the value of dignity and respect. Indeed, it should not matter what language you speak, what the colour of your skin is, what your sexual orientation is, or any other factor. We should all be treated based on our merit with dignity and respect, and I am glad to see that this program is helping to do that for our young people. Thank you, Mr. Speaker.