ASD-W schools raise funds for Syrian family after fire in Fredericton

Article Posted: Thursday, March 14, 2019

​Devon Middle School, Barkers Point Elementary School and Leo Hayes High School recently took part in fundraising efforts for a local Syrian family after they lost their home in a fire in Fredericton. The three schools raised over $2,700 to help the family through the emergency.

Nafee Hassan, father, Midiya Bda, mother, and their six children all escaped their home safely before it was destroyed by fire one morning in February. The Fredericton Multicultural Association provided temporary accommodations for the family and began accepting donations of clothing and food. Local schools then joined in with gift cards and cash donations. ​

"They were so appreciative and thankful to everyone for their support," said Shawna Allen-VanderToom, vice-principal at Devon Middle School.

Devon Middle School raised over $2,100; Leo Hayes High School raised over $350 and provided clothing and food; and Barkers Point Elementary raised $309. 

The family arrived in Canada last May and plan to stay in the Fredericton area where they are looking for a new home.

Shown in the photo below is Shawna Allen-VanderToom, vice-principal at Devon Middle School, presenting the school's donation to Nafee Hassan and his family.