Saint Mary's Academy students complete 73 acts of kindness

Article Posted: Tuesday, October 02, 2018

​Students at Saint Mary's Academy in Edmundston completed a total of 73 acts of kindness in honour of Becca Schofield Day in September. 

Class presentations on the significance of the special day were made by a total of eight students from Grade 6-9, who along with educational assistant Darren Michaud, led the kindness campaign within the school. Younger students presented to high school students and older students presented to elementary, while some also presented to the middle school group. 

"They handed Becca cards from the district to everyone and asked them to hand a card to the recipient of a good deed, who would in turn do the same," said Joey Berube, guidance teacher. "They also provided tracking ballots for the students to fill out after performing their good deed. Ballots could be returned in a box at the main entrance or to any teacher at the school."

Berube said the activity was well presented to the students. Marketing for the kindness campaign involved school social media, posters around the school, school announcements, and daily emails to teachers asking​ them to remind the students about the Becca cards.

"It makes the students feel good about themselves," said Berube. "Being nice doesn't just benefit the recipient of the good deed."

The New Brunswick Legislature recently proclaimed Sept. 16 Becca Schofield Day in honour of the Riverview teen, who inspired people around the world with her campaign to perform random acts of kindness. Becca first made headlines when she made a "bucket list" after learning her cancer was terminal. One item on the list was to persuade people to perform acts of kindness and to share them through social media, either by posting on her Facebook page Becca's Battle with Butterscotch or tweeting using #BeccaToldMeTo. 

After that, the phenomena of doing random acts of kindness caught on worldwide with hundreds of people posting their good deeds in honour of Becca. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also signed a certificate naming Becca an "honorary emerging leader."​

Shown in the photo below are (back row) students Alex Gauvin, Esther Barahoga, Danie Golla and (front row) Kristina Fournier, Gabriel Belu and Viktor Boudreau.