How to add content to the showcase page

1) Click here to upload an image to the slideshow - you must use the UPLOAD option.
Hint: Upload one image at a time and any words you place in the title will appear below the image.
Try reducing image size to 1024x680 prior if possible.

2) Click here to upload a document - simply click on the + Add document at bottom of page.
Hint: Use the "description" field to explain what the document is about.
Try saving as a .pdf file prior to uploading.

3) Click here to add a Sway - be sure to describe the sway in the "website description" field. 
Hint: Ensure that the Sway settings are set so that "anyone with the link" can "view"

Click here to add a Youtube link​ - be sure to describe the video in the "website description" field.