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January 17
Math 9 - Practice Questions for exam and study guide
January 08
PDCP 10 - course guide from 2018
December 12
PDCP 10 - Relationships test review answer key
November 20
PDCP 10  - Relationships project templates - Facebook and Instagram
November 19
Phrases quiz November 22

1.     Tama kil kuceyaw?           Where are you from?           

2.     Nil nuceyaw Sakomawi-Malihk.  I am from St. Mary’s.

3.     Eci wolitahasiyan!            I’m so happy to see you!

4.     Eci pehqinaqsiyan!            You look really nice!

5.     Wicewin!                    Come with me!

6.     Nil ntacuwi miyahsi macaha.     I must go early.

7.     Nil nmoskeyin eli metsi.         I’m sorry that I am late.      

8.     Tama kil kwik?                Where do you live?

9.     Nil nwik ___________awtik.        I live at _________ street.

10.   Npalitahatomon Wolastoqewi.   I’m proud to be Wolastoqey.

11.   Kulahsikulpon Sakomawi-Malihk  We welcome you to St. Mary’s.

12.   Tama ktoli?                  Where are you going?

13.   Nil ntoli----                   I go to------

14.   Nilun ntolapasipon---------       We are going---------

15.   Skicinuwimiyane               Smudging ceremony

16.   Kuhuc?                          Are you cold?

17.   Ksews.                       Go in.

18.   Nihkani.                      Go ahead.

19.   Menakaciw.                    Slowly.

20.   Temonuk-ote ntapaci.            I will be right back.

21.   Pol-te                             Wait.

22.   (Kil) pol askuwasin.            (you) wait a second.

23.   Papehcimin ​tomk.            Ask me first.

24.   Sami cipokihtaqot.             It is too loud.

25.   Kac-cu kil kakaluwehkic!        Don’t yell!

26.   Skat kil kcicihtuwon, kpapehcimin kil wen.  When you don’t understand, ask someone.​

November 19
Residential school powerpoint

​Native Studies 120 Powerpoint for reviewresidential-schools-powerpoint.pptresidential-schools-powerpoint.ppt

October 11
Sweat lodge

​Sweat Lodge ceremony will be held every two weeks and will alternate between one for girls and one for boys.  The Sweat lodge is located at Chris Brooks' house on Highland Ave and will take place during 4th and 5th period.  Students who wish to participate must get permission slip from Ms.Paul A-223

October 19-Boys sweat lodge

November 2-Girls sweat lodge

November 16-Boys sweat lodge

November 30-Girls sweat lodge.

October 11
Wolastoqey 9 naka 10 oral test

​Your oral test will be on Friday October 26

You will be expected to introduce yourself using the following information

Nil ntoliwis _________ naka _______________.

Nil nuceyaw _______________________.

Nil nwik________________________.

Nil ntucey _______________kehsikoten.

Nikuwoss liwisu ____________________

Nmihtaqs liwisu _______________________________

Nil nuci-witokehkimsi Leo Hayes.

Nil ntutop ________________________

October 10
Documents de référence pour les projets ENJEUX ET CONFLITS

Allez dans la section "documents" de ma page.

Rubrics & project description are on my document section.​

September 20
Math 9 Outline
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