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April 18
FILA 10 - Présentation orale finale

​Vous trouverez 3 nouveaux documents pour préparer votre dernière présentation orale pour ma classe.

March 26
Math 10 GMF - Finance Review
March 15
PDCP - Skills and Abilities
January 24
FI Lang. Arts - course outlines - S. Morin winter 2019
January 17
Math 9 - Practice Questions for exam and study guide
January 08
PDCP 10 - course guide from 2018
December 12
PDCP 10 - Relationships test review answer key
November 20
PDCP 10  - Relationships project templates - Facebook and Instagram
November 19
Phrases quiz November 22

1.     Tama kil kuceyaw?           Where are you from?           

2.     Nil nuceyaw Sakomawi-Malihk.  I am from St. Mary’s.

3.     Eci wolitahasiyan!            I’m so happy to see you!

4.     Eci pehqinaqsiyan!            You look really nice!

5.     Wicewin!                    Come with me!

6.     Nil ntacuwi miyahsi macaha.     I must go early.

7.     Nil nmoskeyin eli metsi.         I’m sorry that I am late.      

8.     Tama kil kwik?                Where do you live?

9.     Nil nwik ___________awtik.        I live at _________ street.

10.   Npalitahatomon Wolastoqewi.   I’m proud to be Wolastoqey.

11.   Kulahsikulpon Sakomawi-Malihk  We welcome you to St. Mary’s.

12.   Tama ktoli?                  Where are you going?

13.   Nil ntoli----                   I go to------

14.   Nilun ntolapasipon---------       We are going---------

15.   Skicinuwimiyane               Smudging ceremony

16.   Kuhuc?                          Are you cold?

17.   Ksews.                       Go in.

18.   Nihkani.                      Go ahead.

19.   Menakaciw.                    Slowly.

20.   Temonuk-ote ntapaci.            I will be right back.

21.   Pol-te                             Wait.

22.   (Kil) pol askuwasin.            (you) wait a second.

23.   Papehcimin ​tomk.            Ask me first.

24.   Sami cipokihtaqot.             It is too loud.

25.   Kac-cu kil kakaluwehkic!        Don’t yell!

26.   Skat kil kcicihtuwon, kpapehcimin kil wen.  When you don’t understand, ask someone.​

November 19
Residential school powerpoint

​Native Studies 120 Powerpoint for reviewresidential-schools-powerpoint.pptresidential-schools-powerpoint.ppt

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