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June 05
Graduating (Non-Returning) Students & Office 365 accounts

Please remind your graduating and non-returning students that if they wish to keep content from their Office 365 account (i.e. One-Drive files, email, etc.) that they must take steps to manually migrate their data to another cloud based service, or to an external storage device before they leave school in June. This is a time sensitive item as most students will soon be writing exams and may not have another opportunity to recover their online content. If students require assistance with the migration or backup process please open a help desk request.

Our automated student account management system (FIM - Forefront Identity Manager) will automatically disable any NBSS account if the student is not enrolled in a NB school when they activate PowerSchool databases for 2019-2020. FIM is disabled during the month of July while SNB complete their summer maintenance work on our database servers, but the system will be reactivated sometime in early August and all graduated students will automatically have their NBSS and Office 365 account disabled. If you require additional clarification please contact your Level 2 technician.


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