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March 13
January 2017 Meeting Minutes

                                                Date:  January 9th, 2017                                  Time:  6:30pm

  Leo Hayes High School Dreamcatcher Room


PSSC Members Present:                                                                               School/DEC Representation Present:

Kim LeBlanc, Chair                                                                                          

Brad Sturgeon, Principal

Joanie Herron, Teacher Rep

Makenna O’Dell, Student Rep                                                                    School/DEC Representation Regrets:

Michelle Dougherty     

Shelley Morell                                                                                                  

Jane Buckley, DEC

Lynn McMinniman

Katie Baird

Andreas Decken

Kathy Palmer

PSSC Members Regrets:

Christine Violette

George Long

Claudia Bryenton 

Call to Order:

Kim called the meeting to order at 6:30pm. 

New Business:

Brad provided his Principal’s Report on the following items:

Remembrance Day Ceremonies – Held on November 10th. 

Parent/Teacher Interviews - Approximately 1000 in total.  One of the best turn outs ever. 

Bavarian Delegation Visit – 8 delegates from Bavaria visited the school to observe inclusion in practice and use of technology.  They were very impressed with Leo Hayes.   

Basketball Team Incident – Several varsity boys were disciplined for an incident in November.  Discipline was issued by NBIAA who governs high school basketball athletics.   

Former Student Passing – Bryson Dunham, a former Leo Hayes student passed away in November.   

PBIS/Cell Phone Discussion – Some teachers will be implementing a “box” system in their classrooms where students will deposit their phones at the beginning of class and retrieve them at the end of the period.   

Boundary Meeting - Final meeting was held on November 28th.  Jane and Kim attended.  The rezoning will occur in the fall.  Current students are to be grandfathered in.   

ISD Model – Integrated Service Delivery will be coming in 2017/18.  Will mean mental health services will be available at Leo Hayes full time.  Will result in 7-8 more individuals (counsellors etc..) working out of the school.  These services are currently offered at the school 2 days a week.    

LHHS Reads – 30 participants.  The first novel read/reviewed was Life In Tornado.  The next book is A Man Called Ove.   

Intergenerational Reading Project – 12 students from grades 9-12 have been recording the life stories of seniors they are visiting weekly and will be creating portfolios with the information gathered.  This has been very successful and rewarding for both parties.  

Teachers Out – There are currently 5 staff members out due to medical reasons. 

MADD Assembly – Held on Dec. 7th. Leo Hayes was the Provincial launch site for their new promotional video.  Very impactful.  A victim’s mother attended as well as representatives from NBL and the Province. 

Library Capacity – Fire Marshal reminded Leo Hayes that the library capacity is 99 people.  If tables are removed the capacity could increase to 120-130.   

Dairy Queen Classic – Annual hockey tournament.  Leo Hayes won silver.  5 Teams from Nova Scotia had to withdraw as a result of the work to rule currently in place.  

New Lighting Above Stage – Light bulbs have been replaced and lighting is much better. 

Feed the Lions – An Anonymous donor has donated a 60x14 building that will contain 2 industrial kitchens with industrial appliances.  Individual is also covering all associated expenses with installation and set-up.  Will have both dry and cold storage.  Exact location on the property is still being determined.  Will be in place by spring and Leo Hayes Culinary Technology students will be able to use the facility.  Currently 15 schools on board with Feed the Lions program.   

Professional Learning – Jan. 9th.  Exams to be held Janary 23-27th.  One exam per day.  In the event of a snow day, exams are pushed forward one day.  Monday and Tuesday are turnaround days.  No school for students unless exams are pushed forward.  Other dates to note: 

Revised SIP due – January 31st

Semester 2 Begins – February 1st

Internal Review – February 20th -28th  

New Business: 

Ten Year Education Plan – Waiting to see if it will affect our SIP goals.  PLEP to be removed from SIP to become a stand-alone.   PBIS material has to be added to the SIP. 

In February, Balanced Formative Assessment to be discussed at length as main goal.  Brad to email documents/video for our study.     

New Tech. Wing – No mention of this in capital budget.   

Enrichment Classes – Brad will ask superintendent at meeting tomorrow for follow up information.   


No correspondence this month. 

Date of Next Meeting: Monday, February 6th at 6:30pm in the LHHS Dreamcatcher room. 


The meeting adjourned at 7:40pm.


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