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November 28
PSSC October Minutes

LHHS PSSC Minutes   Monday October 3, 2016

Present: Christine Violette, George Long, Kim LeBlanc, Brad Sturgeon, Lynn McMinniman, Kathy Palmer, Jane Buckley, Claudia Bryenton, Shelley Morell, Michelle Dougherty, Andreas Decken, Joanie Herron, Katie Baird, 


Election of Chair/Secretary: George Long and Kim LeBlanc will co-chair PSSC for 2016-17; Michelle Dougherty will be Secretary.


Ernst & Young Report re: Catchment: Public information session taking place November 28 at LHHS. School is currently at over capacity with close to 1700 students. A new tech wing would alleviate some of that. DEC has made tech wing at LHHS its number one priority under Capital Budget. A new catchment area may reduce school population by 160 students.


Principal’s Report: (handout)

  • School website: new for all schools in district; items to be added as year goes on;

  • Power school is not in operation yet but hopefully by mid-year; parents will be able to review child’s attendance and academic progress;

  • School Improvement Plan (SIP): final year of three-year plan; school review in Apr 2017;

  • Ten Year education plan: to be released soon;

  • Report cards: early Nov, early Feb (end of semester 1), early April, end of June;

  • Prof Learning: Oct 6-7, Nov -1/2 day at Parent-Teacher, Jan 9, Feb 24, April ½ day at Parent Teacher and Apr 28;

  • Council days May 5 &15 (Union affiliation)

  • Semester 1 Exams: Jan 23-27

  • Semester 2 Exams: June 12-16

  • Graduation week: June 18-23

  • Brad to forward School Calendar to PSSC

  • PSSC Budget: $5000; PSSC needs to determine how and where to spend by end of March

  • PSSC Orientation: Oct 20 at Gibson Neil Memorial School;

  • Two classrooms have been renovated to accommodate medically fragile students; have E.A who are trained in physio etc to assist students


    Leo Hayes High School Success Plan (handout #2) *part of SIP:

  • Routine/Setting and student expectations;

  • Final year of a three-year plan;

  • PSSC will look at SIP in November

  • Ten Year Education Plan will have an impact on vision as will rezoning


    Syrian Student update:

  • Started out with three, now close to 30 students attending LHHS; students are listening and learning English in class.


    Next Meeting: Monday November 7, 2016 in Dreamcatcher Room at 6:30




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