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April 03
Course Selection for 2020-21

Greetings Leo Hayes’ Students and Families,

You have received information from ASD-W regarding reaching out to request to connect with someone from Leo Hayes guidance or ESS. We welcome communication with our Leo Hayes’ families. Prior to reaching out, please listen to this message or review on our website the following process that is in place regarding course questions, course selection and scheduling below prior to requesting to connect.

Given the size of our school and volume of anticipated concerns, we want to share some details with families and students that may alleviate some stress and pause some requests at this time regarding course selection and scheduling for 2020-21.

1.       Course selection sheets submitted to homeroom teachers by Friday, March 13th have been collected and requests are currently being entered manually.

2.      If you put in a request to see a guidance counsellor regarding course selection prior to the cessation of classes, those requests will be fulfilled by phone first to assist with course selection and career planning. We have gathered the appointment slip requests that we had.

3.      Counsellors will be able to see which students have not submitted requests in the coming weeks and will reach out to those students to consult regarding selections for next year. You do not need to request a consult if this is your concern. You will be contacted by phone in the weeks ahead.

4.      If you have an application for a course such as Grade 10 Physical Education Enrichment  or Senior Project 120, do not panic. We are not ready to process those yet. Please watch the website-we will post and send a voicemail when we are ready to process them.

5.      If you have your course selection sheet completed, and simply did not submit it yet, you can email a screenshot of it or simply list choices to kimberly.hepditch@nbed.nb.ca

6.      If you submitted your course requests to your homeroom teacher but would like to request a consult regarding post-secondary planning or changing those requests, please wait and do so during the last week of April.

7.       Again, if you did not submit requests yet, you will be contacted in the next two to three weeks.


Thank you! Stay safe! Be well. Please do use the request to connect for concerns listed on the Request to Connect form outside of course selection for next year.​ 


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