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June 13
Summer School 2019 Registration

Summer School 2019 will run from June 26 - July 28 at Fredericton High School! (NOTE: change of location from last few years)

The cost is $300 for one course, $380 for two.  We are offering a full Calculus course (4 hours per day, $380).  We are also offering online courses in grade 11/12 Math and English for students outside the Fredericton

area.  Students may elect only one of these online courses and must complete the FULL course within the 5 week period of summer school.

Postgraduates are welcome!  They DO NOT require the signature of their high school principal on the form, however, it IS recommended that they check with their post-secondary institutions to ensure that the summer school courses are acceptable for entrance (this has never been an issue, but it is good to be sure).

Registration should be done through your local school guidance offices, or at Fredericton High School between June 17 and 21.  Late fees will apply June 24-26.  If you need to register before this date, please leave a sealed envelope with the application form and cheque or money order at the main office of Fredericton High School. 


Registration at LHHS
June 17-19 from 8:30-11:30 ONLY  - Guidance Office (LHHS students).  We will accept money orders, cheques or cash (exact amount). ​


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