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November 29
Yearbook Information

Yearbooks make great Christmas presents, even if you have to wait until the end of the school year for them to come in!


You can order a yearbook any time at https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/customer/1419661/Leo-Hayes-High-School/

Just have your credit card ready!  Books will be delivered to the school at the end of the year and given directly to students.

You can also bring $60 (cash or cheque made out to LHHS) and see Mr. Browne in B211, at lunch or after school.

The only way to guarantee that you get a book is to pre-order! Yes we do order some extras, but not very many!  Why take the chance?

Have you read this far? Here's some trivia!

Editors start working on the book in August, before their senior year even starts.  The book is finished in March, and then delivered to the school in late May.  This makes YB a longer commitment than any other school sport, club or committee!

- Our 2018 yearbook was awarded "Best yearbook in the province for a school with more than 650 students" by the NB association of Student Leadership!

- The cost of a book has been frozen at $60 for a few years now, and we pass every savings on to you!  One book costs more than $58 to produce, meaning that the school only really makes less than 4% profit!

Your 2019 Dream Catcher Team



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