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March 02
Universite de Moncton


  • We now have a brand new French Immersion bursary for students who come from an anglophone school, and have English as their first official language. It’s $3000 for the first year, and $1000/year for each following year of their program, for a maximum of $7000 (for a 5-year program). Students don’t need to apply and there is no cut-off date, it’s automatically offered to them with their admission offer. I’m including a bilingual PDF of our scholarships and bursaries that students do need to apply for, but students can also check my Instagram (@amelieumoncton), or look online at www.umoncton.ca/bourses for more details. 
  • Feuillet bourses immersion 1page_MONCTON.pdfFeuillet bourses immersion 1page_MONCTON.pdf
  • Trousse inscription 2021 Moncton IMMERSION.pdfTrousse inscription 2021 Moncton IMMERSION.pdf


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