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November 16
NBCC Open House!

Virtual Open House

Wednesday, November 17th 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm

NBCC will be hosting a Virtual Open House.  The event will be set up as a "fair" and prospective students will be able to wander between departments and sectors and explore NBCC at their own pace.  There will also be a number of sessions that students will be able to attend during the day.  This is an excellent opportunity to explore the programs, meet with faculty and staff in real time and discover more about NBCC.

Register here:  NBCC Virtual Open House

Early Start Credits

The Early Start Credit program is now up and running.  Grade 12 students from New Brunswick Anglophone High Schools who are on track to graduate are eligible to take up to two courses next semester for credit.  You can find information about the courses offered, eligibility, available funding, and the application process here.​


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