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September 19
Badminton Club

​Welcome to the Leo Hayes High School Badminton Club 22/23 

This club is open to all students at the school no matter what level of experience or skill. 

We will be in the gyms every Sunday from 7:30-9:00 unless a scheduling conflict comes up and we need to cancel. For this year we will be running until the second week of June. 

There is a fee of $1 each time you play. 

Here are our basic club rules to keep things safe, polite and enjoyable

- We lock the doors by 7:40 so make sure you’re at the gym on time! 

- Make sure you have clean indoor shoes. Leave your outdoor shoes outside of the gym or clean them thoroughly in the washroom and dry with a paper towel. 

- ALL players are to help set nets up and take them down.

- Store your gear along the sides of the courts NOT behind the courts please. 

- The shuttles don’t come out until the nets have been set up. 

- Please raise your hand if you have any questions while we’re talking to the group. 

- Before play begins we will spend 10-15 minutes doing our standard warm-up. 

- Please DO NOT walk through the courts when people are playing – walk around the courts in a break in play! 

- Emotion is good. Things like poor temper and equipment abuse is not! Please be competitive but polite. 

See you on the courts!


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