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No presence informationjosh.collins3/2/2023 8:39 AMBadminton0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins2/14/2023 9:58 PMBadminton0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins1/30/2023 4:38 PMBadminton0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins10/26/2022 10:53 PMBasketball EX Boys 0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins10/16/2022 4:22 PMBasketball JV Boys0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins10/16/2022 4:18 PMBasketball JV Girls0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins10/16/2022 4:12 PMBasketball V Boys0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins10/16/2022 3:43 PMBasketball V Girls0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins10/16/2022 3:37 PMWrestling0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins10/2/2022 4:39 PMSwimteam0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/26/2022 10:56 PMBasketball JV Girls0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/24/2022 7:46 AMBadminton; Soccer JV Boys0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/21/2022 11:45 AMFootball V Boys; Soccer V Girls0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/20/2022 10:42 PMSoccer V Girls0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/19/2022 9:47 PMBadminton0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/13/2022 4:36 PMHockey V Boys0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/13/2022 4:34 PMHockey V Girls0 No
No presence informationkimberly.hepditch9/11/2022 5:01 PMSoccer JV Boys0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/11/2022 4:54 PMSoccer JV Boys0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/6/2022 5:31 PMCross Country Running0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/6/2022 8:57 AMBaseball0 No
No presence informationjosh.collins9/2/2022 4:32 PMBaseball0 No
No presence informationkimberly.hepditch8/19/2022 3:58 PMSoccer JV Girls; Soccer V Girls0 No
No presence informationkimberly.hepditch8/19/2022 3:54 PMSoccer V Boys; Soccer JV Boys0 No
No presence informationkimberly.hepditch8/19/2022 2:56 PMBaseball0 No
No presence informationkimberly.hepditch8/19/2022 2:43 PMGolf 0 No
No presence informationkimberly.hepditch8/19/2022 2:39 PMSoftball0 No