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February 18
Latest Newsletter February 18, 2021

Greetings from KRS,

It has been a short and chilly week but as always, we are rock'n and roll'n here at KRS. It's hard to believe there is only one more week before March Break!
This week our fundraiser began for Java Moose. You are asked to pay through SchoolCash Online if possible, if not we will accept a cheque to Keswick Ridge School. Orders are due Tuesday, February 24th. Thank you to Friends of Keswick Ridge for setting this up.
Our morning begins with the bell at 7:55. To ensure a smooth start to the morning for everyone, we ask that your child is here by that time at the latest for morning drop off. Please allow some space between your vehicle and the snowbank so children can walk in front of the vehicles rather than behind. Just a reminder outdoor recess will only be cancelled when the weather is colder than -20 with the wind-chill, so be sure the kiddos are dressed warm.
Don't forget, for those that are registering their child in September for early Grade 1 French Immersion and or late Grade 6 Immersion to do so as soon as possible on the ASDW website.
This Friday, February 19th, is BACKWARDS Day. (Yad Sdrawkcab)
Next Wednesday, 24th, is Pink Shirt Day and next week is Winter Carnival Week.


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