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November 01
At-home Distance learning - Music & P.E

The following are the distance learning plans from Mme. Plourde (Physical Education) and Ms. Dias (Music). Their contact information is included within if needed. Happy learning!

Physical Education


PE at Home-Week 1-2021.pdfPE at Home-Week 1-2021.pdf



K-2: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1z0SL9YrBfIdFE1q-eYArsY7g5b4Lla2urba6W6ELyr4/edit?usp=sharing

3-5: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1BeDB97k5e--4TaKOeulbAHgAXdwiJJBlVFgNG4hzJZ4/edit?usp=sharing

June 07
Continuation of Learning (Week 9)

​Good evening parents, I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. Here are the Science, Literacy and Math lessons for the week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Grade 4 Literacy Choice Board (Week 9).pdfGrade 4 Literacy Choice Board (Week 9).pdf

Grade 4-5 Math Choice Board (June 8th - June 12th).pdfGrade 4-5 Math Choice Board (June 8th - June 12th).pdf

Grade 4 Science (June 8).pdfGrade 4 Science (June 8).pdf

Have a great week!

May 31
Continuation of Learning (Week 8)

Good evening parents, 

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here are the lessons for the week. You will find the Math is review of the concepts that we have worked on over the past few weeks. I've also attached the Science lesson. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week,

O.J. Burnett

Garden Creek Elementary School 

Grade 4​

May 25
Continuation of Learning (Week 7)

Here are the lessons for this week. I hope everyone is doing well and has a great week.

Grade 4-5 Math Choice Board (May 25th - May 29th).pdfGrade 4-5 Math Choice Board (May 25th - May 29th).pdf

Grade 4 Literacy Choice Board (Week 7).pdfGrade 4 Literacy Choice Board (Week 7).pdf

Grade 4 Science may 25.pdfGrade 4 Science may 25.pdf

May 18
Continuation of Learning (week 6)

Good morning parents,

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the beautiful weather this long weekend. I've attached the lessons or the week as well as a few other attachments to go with them. These will also be posted on the school website under Teacher Pages. I will send the Science in a separate email. 

Have a wonderful week,

O.J. Burnett

Garden Creek Elementary School 

Grade 4​

May 12
Continuation of Learning Week # 5

​Hello Parents! Here are the learning plans for the week. You will notice that we are starting a new Math Unit on Measurement. I've also attached the 'Area and Perimeter' Worksheet as well as the word search template for Wednesday. Continuation of Learning (Week 5).pdfContinuation of Learning (Week 5).pdfFinding Area and Perimeter of Rectangles.pdfFinding Area and Perimeter of Rectangles.pdfGrade 4 Science may 11.pdfGrade 4 Science may 11.pdfWord Search Wednesday Template.docxWord Search Wednesday Template.docx

May 03
Continuation of Learning Week #4

Good Evening Parents! Please find attached this week's learning plans. This week you will notice that the activities are from 'choice boards'. This allows students to choose what activities they would like to do on each day. The suggested activities come from ASD-W Numeracy and Literacy leads. I look forward to your feedback. Please let me know how your child enjoys this weeks structure. 

Reminder the plans are also placed on the Teacher page on the school website. 

Also keep in mind that 30 minutes of reading a day is suggested, as well as regular practice with Reflex Math. 

I hope everyone has a great week,
April 26
Grade 4 Burnett Contiuation of Learning Week # 3

Good evening parents, here are the lessons for this week. There are a couple things to note:

  1. For Literacy this week we will be doing a mini writing unit (with no reading). Therefore the 30 minutes of extra reading is very important to continue. 
  2. This week will be the end of the Fractions and Decimals Math Unit. Next week we will begin with Measurement (focusing on Area).
  3. The Science Lesson for Friday will be sent later this week.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week,​
April 19
Grade 4 Burnett Continuation of Learning Week # 2

I hope everyone was able to enjoy the great weather today. Here are the lessons for the week. You will see again that they are divided into days, but feel free to do them whenever works for your schedule. It has been great to see the students work so far, please continue to send pics.

I'm also going to post this information on the school website under 'teacher pages'. My hope is that students will be able to access the lessons whenever they want without have to go through a parent email. I will also continue to send the emails as well. ​

September 14
Teacher Communication to Parents

Teachers are communicating information to parents through weekly emails and in some cases See Saw  or Fresh Grade. Please contact your classroom teacher for more information.


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