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January 04
Creeker Family Memo # 18 - Monday, Week of January 4, 2021

​​Memo for Garden Creek Parents and Guardians

WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER YEAR – 2021!   I hope your family had a relaxing holiday although I know it might have been a quieter one.  Thank you to all for your generosity and support to our staff during the fall and the Christmas season. We are fortunate to have such a caring community at Garden Creek!

Provincial Mask-Up Campaign – Minister Cardy and our Superintendent has sent a letter to all staff recommending that we wear our masks as much as possible during the next two weeks. Although it is not mandatory, I have encouraged our Creeker staff to do so. The Minister does mention that we can encourage students as well, but this is totally up to you, as parents.  You may notice an item about this in your child’s homeroom teacher memo but again, this is up to you and you can communicate directly with the teacher about this.  


Winter Clothing – We have lots of snow ( for the moment) on our playground, which will be fun for the students! A reminder that all students should have snow pants and warm weather clothing as we do go outside up to -20C .


Hot Lunch – We  are tentatively planning a first round of  hot lunch ( Great Canadian Bagels)  starting on Tuesday the 26th of January running probably until March Break. More info to come from our Home and School Hot Lunch Committee. We will ensure that we take all precautions as it relates to safety around Covid.  We will open cashless for ordering and payment starting on the 11th until the 20th.



Dates Ahead:


Throughout January  - most classes headed to Science East ( specifics to come from homeroom teacher) / Hot Lunch on Tuesdays starting on the 26th


Mon Jan 11 – Cashless open for payment of hot lunch

Tues Jan 19 – Home and School Meeting 6:30 pm on TEAMS

Wed Jan 20 – Hot lunch order due on Cashless Schools


Tues Jan 26 –  Hot Lunch / PSSC Meeting 6:30 pm on TEAMS  


Mon Feb 15 – FAMILY DAY   no school

Tues Feb 16 – Hot Lunch /  Home and School Meeting 6:30 pm on TEAMS

Fri Feb 19 – Black History Month Presentations to classes through the Multicultural Association on TEAMS


Tues Feb 23 – PSSC Meeting 6:30 pm on TEAMS


Week of March 1 – MARCH BREAK!


Have a great week!



Katherine Campbell


Garden Creek School

Tel. No: ( 506) 453-5409

Cell (506) 259 – 0588


“ Once a Creeker, Always a Creeker! “​


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