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September 09
School Memo #2 - Monday, September 9th, 2019

​Memo for Garden Creek Parents and Guardians

We are into Week 2 at the Creek. I hope your child is settling into the new Creeker routine and is enjoying their learning and growing with everyone.

Procedures and Reminders

Morning Drop Offs -  As we settle into routine, please remember to let your child out through the right passenger door next to the parking barrier.   - Please remember not to go around other cars in line, even if your child has gotten out of the car as we want to avoid accidents.

Dogs on the playground or visiting during drop off or pick up – some students can be afraid of dogs, so we ask that if you do walk them with you to pick up your child, that you remain away from the sidewalk where students are.

Fire Drill – we will be having our 1st fire drill this Monday. Students have already heard the sound of the alarm and have been practicing with their teachers to ensure they know what to do!

Student Fees and Cashless Schools - If you have not yet done so, please go to the  website as soon as possible  to pay any  student fees . http://anglophonewest.schoolcashonline.com/


Meet the Teacher this Wednesday 6:30- 7:30 pm !  - Come on out to meet the staff, learn about the school and your child's class. Meet in the gym at 6:30 pm . This is a meeting for the adults in particular rather than student oriented.

Blues in the Schools - our  Harvest Jazz performance is this Thursday  at 1:10 pm.  Dan Doiron will be performing for us and KCS students will be joining us as well 

Terry Fox Walk this Friday 1:15 pm  – To bring awareness to the incredible work that Terry Fox did to fight cancer,  we will be walking around the school perimeter on Friday. Students are welcome to donate a loonie and wear a hat if they wish!

Immune Suppressed  Student in our School – please read the  important attached letter so that you are informed as to a student who is immuned suppressed due to medication associated with an illness. It outlines when to advise our office as to any  sicknesses your child may have during the year that could compromise his health.  Thank you for your attention.​

Medical Letter.pdfMedical Letter.pdf 


After-School Programs

Grade 3-5 Art Program - Jennifer Kruger with Estey Creations, will again be holding an Art program at our school on Mondays and Tuesdays starting on September 30 and Oct 1  and running for 10 weeks. More info to come on this in the coming week.

Estey Art.pdfEstey Art.pdf

Lego Robotics – Lego Robotics will again be offered after school for Grades 1-2 and 3-5 on Thursdays, starting September 26th.. A brochure is attached for your info and sign up and payment is done through them. They are also considering running a separate program for the Ks for this term only and then adding them to the grade 1-2s for the second round after Christmas.

Lego Gr. 1-2.pdfLego Gr. 1-2.pdf

Lego Gr. 3-5.pdfLego Gr. 3-5.pdf


Dates to Remember  ( highlighted is new from last week)

Wed. Sept 11 – Meet the Teacher – 6:30 – 7:30 pm / Milk fees due

Thurs Sept 12 – Harvest Jazz Blues in the Schools performance 1:10 pm – Dan Doiron

Fri, Sept 13 – Terry Fox Run at the Creek 1:15 pm


Mon. Sept 16 – Milk program starts / Hot Lunch forms go home

Tues. Sept 17 – First Home and School Meeting 6:30 pm

Wed Sept 18 – Grade 3 -5 Cross Country 1:15 pm – Morrell Park

Sat. Sept 21–   Becca Schofield Day - Creekers Helping Creekers Bottle Drive 8 – 12 pm !  #BeccaToldMeTo

 Lego Gr. 1-2.pdfLego Gr. 1-2.pdfLego Gr. 3-5.pdfLego Gr. 3-5.pdf

Tues. Sept 24 –   1st Hot Lunch (Pappa John’s) /  PSSC 6:30 pm

Wed Sept 25 – Grade 3-5 Cross Country 1:15 pm – Odell Park ( Garden Creek hosting!)

Thurs. Sept 26– Hot lunch - Chartwell’s / Lego Robotics after school

Fri. Sept 27 – Student Fees due


Mon Sept 30 – Orange Shirt Day!

Tues Oct 1 – Hot lunch

Wed Oct 2 – Grade 3-5 Cross Country – New Maryland / Creeker Wellness Night at our school!


Have a wonderful Creeker week!


Katherine Campbell


Garden Creek School



Once a Creeker, Always a Creeker!



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