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June 26
Grafe 5 Farewell Events

We celebrated our Grade 5s with 5 separate certificate and award ceremonies, a trip to Green Hill Lake and a Farewell Walk with the whole school out to cheer them on! Thank you to the Home & School for the cupcake "cakes" that each class enjoyed as well.

Each ceremony was recorded and Mr. Gallen worked his magic to create one video. We invite you to watch and especially to see all of our grade 5 students together, socially distanced, singing "Unwritten" at the end of the first video. The second link is a message from the Grade 5 teachers to their students. While we are sad to see them go, we know they will continue to grow, be kind and share their greatness in all they do. We are very proud of our 2021 Grade 5 Coyotes!​

Grade 5 Certificates and Awards

Grade 5 Teacher Farewell



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