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Mission Statement
Vision Statement


Finding Our Greatness Together!


Be Respectful, Safe and Kind

And Your Greatness You Will Find.

Our Values

  • We believe that devloping strong caring relationships with students is integral to thier emotional, academic, physical and social growth.
  • We believe that ongoing professional development to be essential to our students' growth.
  • We believe that collaboration with colleagues strengthens our consistent, intentional, and effective instructional and assessment practices.
  • We believe that consistent communication with families enhances their ability to help their children grow socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

Our Pledge

Preparing, Growing, and Expecting Greatness

Preparing students for greatness by providing a safe and inclusive environment, ensuring basic needs are met and by building relationships within our supportive school community.

Growing students' greatness by celebrating progress and success, valuing individuality, and by providing tools for coping and building resiliency.

Expecting  students to find their greatness by maintaining high behavioural and academic standards so they can be fully engaged in their learning.