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November 22
Literacy Cineplex Online Fee


 As part of our Language Arts Program and Holiday Celebrations, students will be attending the Cineplex on Thursday, December 20th.  The fee can be paid online through cashless schools and the link can be found on our website.  When you log in to pay the fee online, the initial cost will show as $0.  However, there are two options to this fee:  the first one is where you need to select the move at a cost of $6.50 and the second is selected if you would like to include the snack pack (popcorn, candy & beverage) in which case you will need to select the beverage to go with it at a cost of an additional $6.00.  Please note that it is not mandatory to select the movie snack pack.  This fee will be available to pay online until Friday, November 30th.


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