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November 22
Mabels Labels
This is how the program works. It’s really easy! 
Step 1: Visit the website, mabelslabels.com, and click the “Support A Fundraiser” button located on the top of your screen, and then select CONNAUGHT STREET SCHOOL from the drop-down list. 
Step 2: Once CONNAUGHT STREET SCHOOL has been selected, you will be directed to a landing page that will say “Connaught Street School Welcomes You To Our Page > Click here to buy” 
Step 3: Go ahead and press the pink “Click here to buy” button. Now, you have entered the website and are crediting your order to your school. How can you tell? Your Connaught Street School will be listed on the top left of the screen.
If you do not see it, then you are not in the right place. Call or email Mabels Labels and they will assist you with placing an order in support of Connaught Street School.
Share and promote our fundraising campaign. All funds raised from this campain will support the CSS SnackMasters program.  Thank you!


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