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February 13
S.E.E.D. Student Employment Experience Development Opportunities


The Student Employment Experience Development (SEED) program provides funding to employers to create summer job opportunities for post-secondary students. The program provides eligible students with a summer job of up to twelve (12) weeks in duration with a New Brunswick employer between April 27th and September 4th, 2020.


Program objectives:
• Provides a wage subsidy to non-profit organisations, First Nations communities and municipalities to help them provide quality summer employment to students;
• Provide a valuable work experience for students, experiential learning, mentoring and coaching;
• Help students develop and build transferable skills and/or find employment in their field of study;
• Enhance students’ employment prospects upon completion of their studies; and,
• Enable students to finance the continuation of their education.

A candidate (student) must:
• Be a resident of New Brunswick or a First Nation community in New Brunswick;
• Be eligible to work in Canada;
• NOT be an immediate family member (spouse, children, parent, brother or sister) of the employer;
• Be a student in the current academic year and;
• Be attending a post-secondary institution full-time in the fall.*
*Note: Grade 12 students are eligible if attending a full-time post-secondary institution in the fall.

Steps for Students wanting to apply for SEED funded positions
1. Research job opportunities in the Employer Directory on www.NBSEED.ca beginning March 16, 2020.
2. Apply for jobs and go through the employers’ recruitment process to ensure a successful work placement.
3. The hiring decision rests with the employer.


This program provides students with employment opportunities during the summer break. The maximum length of a SEED summer placement is 12 weeks. In order to be considered for placements, students must apply directly to employers who have been approved for SEED summer funding. Employers approved for funding are listed in the Employer Directory at www.NBSEED.ca .​


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