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March 12
LA 7A, 7B, 7D

​Action Lead ~ In class today we went over our Action Leads and revised them to ensure the "spotlight" was on the action of the character rather than the character.  For example;

I ran down the hall. ~ this sentence tells what I did

Feet pounding on the floor, lockers flying by, I tore down the hall toward the stairs. ~ In this sentence I have a "spotlight" on the action.  I can "see" and "hear" what is happening.

Students should look at their action lead and ask themselves if the focus is on the character (I) or the action.  They should then read the lead to someone and ask them what they "see" or "hear".  If the audience is able to "see the movie" and they want to hear more, then goal accomplished.  If not, given it another try.

Student's revised action leads are due Monday.


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