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February 11
7A, 7B, 7D LA

​Memoir Unit

If your draft was not completed in class today remember to complete it tonight.  It is important that you remember the draft is simply taking the ideas from your graphic organizer and turning them into sentences so it should not be taking your more than 10, maybe 15 minutes.

Once your draft is finished, highlight (underline or use a highlighter), where you believe your "spot light" should be.  This is the most important part of your memoir - the part that you plan to elaborate on.

Additional Information

We have been working very hard on our Memoir unit for the last 4 weeks.  During this time we have looked at several sample memoirs and examined some of the tools these authors have used to communicate their ideas.

To begin we have focused on the "So What?" - what was the importance of the event/experience for the author

Now we are examining the authors use of Word Choice and asking ourselves how the author uses words to "paint the picture behind our eyelids".  

  • Powerful Nouns
  • Active Verbs, Adverbs, and Adjectives
  • Figurative Language
Now it is our turn to write.  Students created a Heart Map full of possibilities.  Next they selected 5 narrowed ideas and wrote what they believe was their "So What?"

Yesterday and today, students completed their 2017_GO_Memoir.pdf2017_GO_Memoir.pdf and their draft.


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