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December 05
Create a Myth/Legend

​The students have been looking at Greek, Roman and Norse Mythologies over the last few weeks. During this time they were told that they would eventually need to create their own myth and now that we have completed giving them overviews of these mythologies, the time to start their writing is here. There is a sheet attached that gives the students the due dates as well as some graphic organizers and information sheets to assist them with their writing.

The students need to complete a plan/outline by Friday, a rough draft by Tuesday and completed their final copy by next week Friday. Much of the work will be done in class but some may need to be done at home. Please have your child talk to you about their myth. This will help them do a better job of writing one.Creating Your Own Myth.docxCreating Your Own Myth.docxStoryMapSettingCharactersBeginningMiddleEnd.pdfStoryMapSettingCharactersBeginningMiddleEnd.pdf


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