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December 04
BCMS Gift Card Blitz needs your help!

Our BCMS Gift Card Blitz is falling short - we need your help!  If you are able, please drop off a gift card or a financial contribution to the school's main office so that we can ​help make Christmas merry and bright for some BCMS students!

November 20
BCMS Gift Card Blitz is back again!

Once again this year, Bliss Carman is launching our annual “Gift Card Blitz”, our 8th year running! This initiative directly supports our students by providing an extra helping hand to those families who struggle to make ends meet, especially during the holiday season. Through the continued generosity of our school community, we are able to support more and more families with each passing year. 

This year, our “Blitz” runs from November 26th to December 7th. During that time, students and families can bring in gift cards to the school, where they will be collected and distributed to BCMS families in need in December.  Also, if you do not have an opportunity to purchase a gift card but would still like to make a contribution, we will gladly accept financial donations to purchase a gift card on your behalf. 

Should finances be unusually tight this holiday season, and your family could benefit from receipt of gift cards, please contact the school’s administration or guidance department by December 7th. In the event of high demand, we cannot guarantee that all requests will be filled. 

Reinforcing charitable values, community engagement showing empathy towards others demonstrates to students that they are part of a larger community.  As members of that community, they have the responsibility to seek out opportunities to help those in need.  This is one such way that students can feel good about helping others in their own school. 

We thank you very much for your support with this endeavor and wish you all a happy holiday season.

November 13
AIDS NB presenting to grade 8 students

On Thursday and Friday of this week, our grade 8 health classes will be participating in a in-class workshop ​with an AIDS NB educator.  The main theme of this presentation is blood born infections, discussing topics such as preventing HIV, Hepatitis C, and STI's, as well as safe tattoos and piercings.  This presentation is always well received and appreciated by our students, and  compliments outcomes in the Human Growth and Development strand in the Health curriculum.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding this presentation, please reach out to the guidance counselor: julie.legresley@nbed.nb.ca.

October 29
BCMS Remembrance Day Ceremony needs YOU!

Hello BCMS Families,

As we prepare for our annual Remembrance Day Ceremony, we would like to acknowledge the many family members of our students who serve in uniform.  While typically we think of veterans, we would also like to recognize members of our Eagle families who serve, not only in the military but, as firefighters, EMTs, policing, etc. 

If interested, you can participate by sending along a digital image of yourself in uniform (perhaps in a parade, an awards ceremony, returning home at an airport, etc).  We will be using these images in a slideshow that will be shown at our Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 8th. 

Please email your photos to Lisanne.ells@nbed.nb.ca  by November 1st, 2018.  These photos will be used only for the slideshow for this event and be deleted immediately afterwards.

April 30
BCMS contributes more than 5000 rolls to TP the Town!

GREAT JOB, Eagles!

Working together, you brought in over 5000 rolls of toilet paper, and over 3000 sanitary items for FHS's TP the Town's campaing!! That's one fifth of FHS's goal of 25 000 rolls! Thanks to all who participated!

April 27
BCMS observes LGBTQ+ Day of Silence!

Students have been hearing all about how silenced LGBTQ+ youth have higher rates of mental health issues and can be socially excluded​. Students are pledging to be silent at snack today, at lunch and even on social media to bring awareness  and support to our LGBTQ+ student community!

April 17
BCMS is "Rollin' with FHS" to TP th Town!

​Once again this year, BCMS is helping FHS to collect toilet paper and sanitary items to support our local emergency shelters and food banks.

Each class is in a friendly competition to see which class per grade level will be the biggest supplier, and win a pizza party for their efforts!
Our next collection date is Friday Apil 20th, so help us help those in need!​
April 11
BCMS remembers the Humboldt Broncos on Thursday April 12th

Tomorrow, we are encouraging all students to wear sports team clothing in order to participate in a national day of rememberance for the Humboldt ​Broncos hockey team that lost 15 of its members last week. Wear a jersey, t-shirt, etc. of any sports team, or wear your BCMS school clothing to show your support to families and a community in mourning.

Please see the links below for more information on the national day of rememberance, as well as the GoFundMe page, should you wish to make a donation to this cause, or any cause of your choice.



February 22
Wednesday February 28th is Pink Shirt Day!
BCMS is gearing up for this year’s Pink Shirt Day activities!
This Wednesday, February 28th, we will be asking BCMS staff and students not only wear pink but to get caught doing random acts of kindness. 
Students will have permission that day to be using their phones to catch themselves and others performing random acts of kindness, and we are asking that they post them to the BCMS twitter feed-- @BCMSEagles using the hashtags #BCMSeagles #beccatoldmeto #bcmseaglesRAK #niceneedsnofilter as well as any others they know of that would be fitting. 
We are doing this to not only mark the anti-bullying day, but also to celebrate the life of Becca Schofield who recently passed away at the age of 18.  She was the driving force behind the #beccatoldmeto campaign that has spread kindness around the world.  You may find more information by following this link: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/becca-schofield-beccatoldmetoo-has-died-1.4541134
Thank you for your support!  Let’s stand up to bullying and spread some kindness. 

February 14
Gearing up for the Winter Wellness Week at BCMS!

The winter blah's are no match for our BCMS eagles' spirit! 

Our student leadership team has been collaborating with our Wellness team to organize a Winter Wellness Week, taking place February 26th to March 2nd.

​The action-packed week will be filled with information about nutrition, the importantce of an active lifestyle, physical activities and games, as well as fun themes!  We encourage all students and staff to participate! Sign up sheets for all activities will be posted February 20th in the main hallway entrance, on the yellow wall.

MONDAY February 26th: Hat Day!  Show off your style! Wear your favorite (school appropriate) hat! Lunch will have our annual Tug Of War contest... in the snow!  The winning student team will compete with the teacher team!

TUESDAY February 27th: Who doens't love a PJ day?!  Wear your comfiest (and school appropriate!) pair of pyjamas for the half day of school.  Teachers have professional development in the afternoon.

WEDNESDAY February 28th:  PINK DAY! Leadership is organizing a special Anti-Bullying day. Wear a pink shirt with pride to stand up to bullying! Lunch time will have Zumba in the gym for those wanting a work out!

THURSDAY March 1st: GrabGet together with a  friend (or two, or three, or four!) and dress alike for our multiples day! Lunch time activities will include a big game of Capture the Flag in the snow!

FRIDAY March 2nd: Wellness afternoon!  You've signed up for a great activity, now go enjoy yourself with your friends, teachers and classmates! Don't forget to show off you crazy socks!  It's crazy sock day, so wear the zaniest pair you can find!

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